Flipped Learning

Flipped Classroom has been used at the University of Eastern Finland for several years, but the usage and interest expanded at the 2015 when one of the strategical aims of the university was to be the best learning environment by 2020. Teachers interested in improving their teaching began flipping their courses in 2016 and the second generation of flippers start their courses in the autumn 2017. At the moment 100 teachers are flipping their courses.

On this website we have created a 'manual' for impletmenting Flipped Classroom in teaching. The manual is public for everyone and the main target group for the material is teachers and resesarchers in higher education,  but the ideas can very well be adapted to other levels of education as well. The material is available only in Finnish and it consists of three different parts,

  1. It is a manual and self-help guide for teachers interested in flipping their teaching and guiding the students towards flipped learning.
  2. Students can find information and tips regarding flipped classroom, as the transition from the traditional teaching to flipped classroom can be challenging.
  3. Team Ameba is researching flipped Classroom and Flipped Learning. The research project is and it is funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture.