Dilution and Sampling

The laboratory is equipped with several different diluting aerosol sampling systems, including full flow and partial flow sampling systems.

Porous tube – ejector diluting sampling

The combination of a porous tube diluter with ejector diluters offers a compact partial flow sampling system for emission studies. The system is well adjustable for different sampling conditions. The advantage of the self-developed porous tube diluter units are the negligible losses of fine particles and semivolatile vapours when sampling is carried out from high temperatures. Special versions of the porous tube diluters developed for high temperatures, allow reliable sampling from harsh conditions, such as in-furnace sampling of aerosols. The porous tube - ejector sampling systems are developed further and commercialized by the UEF spin-off company Venacontra (www.venacontra.fi).



Fig 3. Compact and fully adjustable diluting sampling setup for combustion exhaust measurements, based on the combination of porous tube diluter and ejector diluter


Dilution tunnel

The stainless steel dilution tunnel offers a possibility for either full flow or partial flow dilution of exhaust gases. The setup is designed according to ISO 8178-1 standard. The tunnel has an inner diameter of 30 cm and the dilution ratio is adjusted by setting the under pressure and flow rate in the tunnel.  


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