Equipment for measurements and analyses

A wide range of measurments and analyses of particles and gaseous species, both on-line and off-line, can be carried out in our laboratory. The equipment include for instance

  • particle electrical mobility based classification and measurement,
  • particle aerodynamical diameter based classification and measurement,
  • optical size measurement and detection of particles,
  • measurement of particle surface-area and mass,
  • dilution, mixing, heating and cooling of aerosols and gases,
  • on-line chemical analysis of gaseous species,
  • off-line chemical analysis of particles and gaseous species, including thermo-optical methods, gas and ion chromatography and methods for determination of aerosol volatility.

In addition a wide range of material analyses are done in co-operation with other groups, for instance TEM, EDS, XRPD, Raman, FT-IR spectroscopy, TGA, BET, AFM etc.