Pyreus-project provides knowledge on the utilization of pyrolysis oils  


There is currently new business emerging in the Eastern Finland based on utilizing of pyrolysis process in the production of biofuel oils. However, at the moment the usability and the emissions from the thermal utilization of these renewable pyrolysis oils are not known. In addition, there is a great need for development of cost-efficient emission control technologies for small scale boiler units, which are the main users of pyrolysis oils in the first stage.

Pyreus project is carried out by University of Eastern Finland (UEF) and Savonia University of Applied Sciences (Savonia). During the project, fuel usability, flue gas emissions, and emission control solutions for boiler units will be investigated. The experiments will be carried out in the new energy technology research and development laboratory of Savonia in Varkaus.  A novel flue gas scrubber, developed by UEF, to reduce the flue gas emissions of pyrolysis oil boilers will be piloted during the project.




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