Li-ion batteries’ state of the health estimation and degradation mechanisms determination by a generated heat analysis (LiANA)

Funding: Academy of Finland, Key project funding, 2017-2020.

Li-ion technology is a fast growing and the most promising battery technology. Despite the advantages of the Li-ion batteries there are major technical and financial challenges remaining, which limit its application. The determination of state of the health (SoH) that describes the Li-ion battery lifetime is one of the major challenges, which should be solved for the successful Li-ion batteries using. However, it requires fundamental understanding of the degradation mechanisms in the Li-ion battery. A number of different techniques currently exists. However, no single technique can adequately provide all required information to infer the mechanisms of degradation and be easily applied in a battery management system (BMS). Therefore, this research is directed on the development of a new method, which can be applied in BMS for the degradation mechanisms determination and SoH estimation, by introduction of an additional measured parameter to currently considered parameters, which are voltage, current and temperature.


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