Targeted Drug Delivery with Emphasis on Ocular Drug Treatment

Targeted drug delivery refers to the delivery of drugs to specific targets and to the targeting of effects at specific tissues.  This field plays a major role in drug development, especially when enhancing the effect of biological drugs and when delivering drugs to targets that are difficult to reach, for example the back of the eye, the brain and tumours.

We study the processes related to drug delivery and the materials and structures suitable for targeted drugs. Our research focuses on ocular drugs: we study disease mechanisms, search for drug targets, analyse drug delivery processes and develop new drugs and drug delivery methods. This multidisciplinary research area makes use of the methods of pharmacy, medicine, materials science, chemistry and mathematical modelling.

The significance of the research area is growing because the need for targeted drug delivery technologies is increasing as biological drugs are becoming more and more common. Ocular diseases and visual impairment caused by ocular diseases are increasing globally as the population ages, creating a need for new drugs and new technologies for the delivery of ocular drugs.

We actively collaborate with other universities, hospitals, drug industry companies and authorities. Our funding base includes funding obtained from the European Union, the US Food and Drug Administration, FDA, drug industry companies, and the Academy of Finland. Researchers in this field can pursue a career in the service of research institutes, drug industry companies, hospitals and outpatient clinics, pharmacies and drug authorities. 


More information about ocular drug development from Ocular Drug Delivery- group page.


Research area directors/ contact persons:

Professor Arto Urtti

Professor Kai Kaarniranta

Associate Professor Anu Kauppinen

Professor Paavo Honkakoski

Professor Seppo Auriola

Adjunct Professor Marika Ruponen