Research work within UEF School of Pharmacy is focusing into effectiveness of treatments and to find smart solutions for drug development. Our research is organised into  four  research areas. Follow the links  to learn about the activity of each research area. The pages will inform you of current research projects, staff and case studies in the area of research.

1. Smart solutions for drug development

Our research aims to develop new smart  solutions for drug delivery and the challenging of lifecycle management  of drugs.  Research projects include design of novel drugs targeted into various diseases and the development of  targeted drug delivery technologies, appraising the safety of drugs and their metabolics. Our research projects also aim to develop technologies and analytical methods for drug research and improve the manufacturing processes of medicines.

2. Effectiveness

Our research aims to evaluate effectiveness of treatment and the impact of political decisions concerning medicine.  Research projects appraise the effectiviness of treatments (medications and procedures) by using large register-based data and the cost-effectiveness of medications with diverse models. Futhermore the research project monitors the impact of political decisions concerning the medicine and pharmaceutical players into the usage of medicine and the pharmacological services.