New Therapies

Our research focuses

1. To develop novel therapies and transporter-utilizing drugs for the treatment of cancer

2. To develop novel therapies and transporter-utilizing  drugs for neurological  diseases

3. To develop novel therapies for cardiovascular diseases

4. To design novel drugs with computer-aided drug design

Research areas


Professor Antti Poso, antti.poso(at) (cancer therapies)

Professor Markus Forsberg, markus.forsberg(at) (neurological diseases)

Associate Professor Jaana Rysä, jaana.rysa(at) (cardiovascular diseases)

Docent Maija Lahtela-Kakkonen, maija.lahtela-kakkonen(at) (computer-aided drug design)

Academy Research Fellow Kristiina Huttunen, kristiina.huttunen(at) (Transporter-targeted drug delivery)