Drud formulation and delivery technologies

Our reseach focuses

  1. To develop novel technologies to targeted drug delivery
  2. To provide broad knowledge about  drugs and environmenral chemicals metabolism in human
  3. To improve manufacturing processes of medicine

Our research aims to develop novel therapies and technologies to improve the properties (safety and potency) of drugs. The School aims to encourage and facilitate a broad  drug design and development projects in collaboration with members of the School and external organisations.  Our research projects are interdisciplinary involving clinical experts to examine mechanism of diseases and to improve drug design and development.

Research areas

Further information

Professor Markus Forsberg, markus.forsberg(at)uef.fi (Neuropsychiatric diseases, drug potency)

Professor Jarkko Ketolainen, jarkko.ketolainen(at)uef.fi

Associate professor Ossi Korhonen, ossi.korhonen(at)uef.fi (QbD)

Professor Markku Pasanen, markku.pasanen(at)uef.fi (KuBiCo)

Professor Jarkko Rautio, jarkko.rautio(at)uef.fi (Prodrugs)

Professor Kirsi Vähäkangas, kirsi.vahakangas(at)uef.fi (Placental perfusion)