Kuopio Dance Festival is held for the 49th time in Kuopio 13.-20.6.2018.

It is the oldest and largest dance festival in Nordic countries, consisting of about 100 different proposal,

dance courses, open-air event, artist interviews, etc.

For more information: www.kuopiodancefestival.fi


Recommended for you:

Kuopio Dance Festival performance and buffet dinner

-two enjoyable experiences at the same evening



13. & 14.6.208 at 18 Kuopio City Theatre, Minna-stage

Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal (Kanada): Dance Me / Leonard Cohen

Dance Me is an exclusive new creation inspired by the poetry and music of Leonard Cohen

Duration 80 min., no intermission

Dance & Buffet tickets from 101 €


Photo Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal


SALES office@kuopiodancefestival.fi  or  +358 50 365 6274


Buffet-dinner at Kuopio City Theatre at 20*



Smoked salmon & creme with chives

Prosciutto with honey melon

Asparagus & parmesan

Grilled cauliflower & coriander

Kohlrabi & mangoldi

Tomato & homemade cheese salad with basil

Potatosalad with green onion

Green salad & vinaigrette

Bread & olive tapenade


Grilled chicken

Carrot & butter sauce

Grilled vegetables


Rhubard crumble & vanilla-mascarpone mousse


*A buffet dinner is served if there is a total of at least 20 diners