Language skills

How to Verify Your Language Skills

Verifying your language skills as required by the programme is crucial to your admissions process. Language requirements can vary between universities and different Master’s programmes, even inside one university. You need to find out the programme-specific language requirements from the website of the programme you are interested in.

All language test results must be verifiable from the test organiser. However, if you can verify your language skills with your degree, you must send officially certified and attested degree certificate and transcript of records that clearly state the language of instruction.

Education in English

As a general rule, you do not need to prove your English language skills with a language test, if you have graduated from a higher education institution in Great Britain, Ireland, United States, Canada, Australia or New Zealand and your degree has been fully completed in English.

Online studies or studies completed on offshore campuses outside the accepted countries cannot be used to indicate language skills, even if the degree-awarding institution is located in one of the accepted countries.

If you have chosen to prove your language skills with a degree from another country than the ones listed above and it is accepted by the programme you are applying to, the language of instruction must always be clearly marked on your educational documents. If the language of instruction is not clearly shown on your transcript of records, you need to submit official documentation, which indicates that the language of instruction is English.

If you are indicating your language skills with your educational background, the University of Eastern Finland carries out the student selection and holds discretion whether a degree meets the language skill requirement set for the programme. If your degree includes transfer credits from outside the specified country/area or courses conducted in a language other than English, the degree might not meet the requirement.

If you are applying with one degree and indicating your language skills with another, you are required to submit educational documents regarding both degrees. You cannot indicate your language skills with an incomplete degree, i.e. you must have graduated. All educational documents must be officially certified (attested). Please also note country-specific requirements.

Language Tests

If you are going to verify your language skills with a language test, make sure that you book your test time well in advance. It is the applicant’s responsibility to make his/her own language test arrangements. In general, language tests are valid for two years and the test results must be valid throughout the application period. This means it must not expire prior to the application deadline. Please read more here. Please see admission requirements for further details on required test scores.

IELTS Academic

When requesting the IELTS test centre to forward your language test results to us, please write down University of Eastern Finland as the receiver of the test result.

Paper copies of IELTS score slips are accepted from both the test organiser and the applicant. They do not need to be attested, as we will always verify the test results with the test organiser. Please note that score slips sent to us as e-mail attachments will not be accepted.

Please note that University of Eastern Finland only accepts IELTS Academic test scores. Tests taken at the general level will not be accepted as proof of the applicant’s language skills.

Also note that after you have taken the test it usually takes about 13 days for the test results to be published. It is advisable to book your test date well before the application period has begun.


When you have taken TOEFL language test, please request the TOEFL test centre to forward your results to the University of Eastern Finland. The testing centre must send the score slip directly to UEF or make its electronic equivalent available to us. Please note that test results sent by the applicant will not be accepted. Be advised that after you have been informed of the test score, it takes approximately three weeks for the test result to reach UEF.

PTE Academic

Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic is a paperless test, the results of which are typically available within 5 working days following the test session. Once you receive your test score send it to University of Eastern Finland from your PTE account. Be advised that online language test results will only be accepted from the test organiser.