Areas of Competence

Our research group consists of researchers with a very wide area of expertise. Because of this, we often find ourselves as critical integrators in many successful projects. Our areas of competence can be groupped as follows:

Computational Intelligence;   Statistical Methods;   Continuous Environmental Monitoring;   Design and Implementation of Distributed Systems and Cloud Computing;   Data Quality Control and Management;   Simulation of Biological and Environmental processes;   Logistic Optimization;  Software Engineering;   Semantic Technologies;   GIS / Spatial Methods

Electricity Load Modeling;  Air Quality Modeling;   Noise Monitoring and Modeling;   Life Cycle Assessment;   Urban Planning;   Process Modeling;  QSAR Modeling;   Agent Based Modeling

Future Internet
Big Data;   Open Data;   Complex Event Processing;   Context Aware Services;   Service Mediation;  Semantic Annotation and Enrichment

Exploitation/Commercialization of results
Case Visipoint;   Case Ecomond