EnSTe in memoriam

Finnish Doctoral Programme in Environmental Science and Technology (EnSTe) was founded in 1998 by a fusion of three former graduate schools and operated until the end of 2015. More than 150 PhDs were graduated during this time. Annually, 6 - 20 of doctoral students obtained funding from the programme. EnSTe organised courses and annual seminars acting as a platform for doctoral students to network. EnSTe also provided travelling grants for research exchange as well as for participation to international conferences and courses.

Aims of EnSTe

1. to increase knowledge of interactions between the environment (biosphere) and the industrial society (technosphere), focusing on the scientific mechanisms of these interactions in particular;

2. to educate high-level experts for the environmental field in Finland and the whole of Europe;

3. to strengthen multidisciplinary thinking and the integration of researchers into the surrounding society; and

4. to improve the societal and political influence of environmental knowledge and research