Travel abroad – grants for postgraduate students of Computer Science

Travel grants of School of Computing post graduate students are announced open for application for year 2020. The student must be enrolled as present at the UEF and the grant is to be used for travels abroad that promote the student’s scientific work.

The maximum sum of grants to be distributed is 4000 € in total. The maximum amount of a single grant is 400 € and School of Computing may decide to leave some of the total grant funds unallocated. Each grant will be decided discretionary and the applicant will only be given the information “awarded” or “not awarded”.

A travel grant may be applied for covering travel costs, accommodation and participation fees at conferences which occur between 1.1.2020 and 31.12.2020. In an informal application it should be stated what the purpose of the trip is and how it promotes your doctoral thesis work and international publication. The following should also be stated clearly: travel destination, date of departure and return, amount of applied grant, specified reliable estimate of travel costs (travel tickets, accommodation, participation fees), research topic or title of the conference presentation and the contact information of the applicant (postal address and valid email address).

A requirement for receiving the grant is either to give an oral presentation or a poster presentation at an international seminar or a conference, to gather research data abroad or to study at an abroad university as a part of the postgraduate study plan. In addition, the grant can be applied for travel expenses for UEF-visiting period related to your PhD studies or for the public defense of your own doctoral dissertation.

The travel plan must be approved by the supervisor or the supervisor can send a separate recommendation. If the same applicant is applying for more than one trip abroad, the supervisor must evaluate the order of significance of these trips. If the supervisor is recommending more than one applicant, they must declare their own impression on the order of applicants.

An awarded grant will be paid after the trip by presenting receipts. The receipts must be delivered to the department within a month after the end of the trip, but also by the end of the year 2020.

If the applicant receives compensation for travel expenses or a grant for the same purpose from somewhere else, the travel grant of the School of Computing will be revoked. The applicant must make a short report on the trip within a month after return.

Note! Postgraduate students who have a work contract in the UEF during the travel cannot apply for a grant. The application and appendices must be brought in paper to the secretariat of School of Computing. Postgraduate students who are abroad at the time can request their supervisor to do this. The application is to be addressed to the Head of the department of School of Computing.

All applicants will be informed about the decision by email.