Victor Carrasco Navarro


Post Doc researcher



Environmental monitoring and realistic toxicity of pesticides mixtures to non-target organisms: the neonicotinoid case.



An increase in the use of pesticides is expected as a result of climate change and, in consequence pesticide contamination in soil and water bodies may become a problem.

The non-target organisms living in these environments may be affected by pesticide contamination and may suffer a population decline or a decrease in their health. 

Specific pesticides of interest are the neonicotinoid insecticides. They are the most widely used insecticides worldwide and some of them were restricted in the EU by the European commission. They have been found commonly in the aquatic environment worldwide, in complex mixtures and they negatively affect animals and the ecosystem. The applicant found concentrations in the range of hundreds of ng L-1 in rivers of South-West Finland during the summer of 2014 (project funded by Emil Aaltonen foundation). Their use is also controversial as in one hand, they kill the pests that damage crops but on the other, they negatively affect key non-target organisms such as bees and insects.



  • Joint toxicity of chemicals
  • Passive sampling applications in the monitoring of contaminants and specially pesticides.
  • Biotransformation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) in aquatic organisms and fate of their metabolites (is there "life after excretion"?)
  • Identification of xenobiotic metabolites
  • Trophic transfer of POPs and specially their metabolites in aquatic food webs.



PhD, University of Eastern Finland, 2013.

MSc, Autonomous University of Madrid, 2001.



Roskilde University, ENSPAC, June- October 2009.



Carrasco Navarro V, Jæger I, Honkanen JO, Kukkonen JVK, Carroll JL, Camus L (2015): Bioconcentration, biotransformation and elimination of pyrene in the arctic crustacean Gammarus setosus (Amphipoda) at two temperatures. Marine Environmental Research, 110:101-109.

Carrasco Navarro V, Leppanen MT, Honkanen JO, Kukkonen JVK (2012): Trophic transfer of pyrene metabolites and nonextractable fraction from Oligochaete (Lumbriculus variegatus) to juvenile brown trout (Salmo trutta), Chemosphere 88: 55-61.