Kristiina Väänänen

Coordinator, International Academic Affairs, Research cooperation

p. 050 409 0735





  • Research cooperation
  • Development and coordination of international academic affairs


  • When metal is toxic in aquatic environment? The effects of ligants to metal speciation and toxicity. Research project in Nanjing University, China
  • Development of doctoral training in Finland (TOHTOS project). Coordinator at University of Eastern Finland


  • The effects of metal mining to freshwater ecosystems. Ecological risk assessment and remediation of contaminated sites. (Dissertation).



Aquatic ecotoxicology, Metal bioavailability, ecological risk assessment, mining industry, doctoral training, career planning, Chinese language.



Postdoctoral research, Nanjing University (2018-2019)

ino-Finnish summer school of environmental science, China (2015)

Research exchange, Shanghai University, School of Environmental Engineering (2014-2015)

Study exchange, Nanjing University (2011-2012)



Väänänen, K., Leppänen, M.T., Chen, X. and Akkanen, J., (2018). Metal bioavailability in ecological risk assessment of freshwater ecosystems: From science to environmental management (review). Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 147:430-446.

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Väänänen, K., Kauppila, T., Mäkinen, J., Leppänen, M., Lyytikäinen, M. and Akkanen J. (2016). Ecological risk assessment of boreal sediments affected by metal mining: Metal geochemistry, seasonality and comparison of several risk assessment methods. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management.

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