Updating of postgraduate study plan and steering group

If, during the course of studies, changes are made to the personal postgraduate study plan or the composition of the steering group, approval for these must be sought from the Faculty. There is no form for updates available, instead the student should submit a proposal regarding changes to the faculty in free format.

If the changes concern the composition of the steering group, the proposal must indicate the changes being proposed and that all the members of the steering group, both previous and new, agree to them. This should be established primarily through signatures. If it is unreasonably difficult to obtain signatures, for example, because of distances, email confirmation is sufficient. The proposal should include the name, title, workplace and email address of all the supervisors mentioned. The main supervisor should be mentioned separately.

Proposal for changes are to be delivered to the Faculty, in Joensuu to Head of Academic Affairs Kaisa Laitinen, kaisa.laitinen(at)uef.fi, tel. +358 50 432 7573 and in Kuopio to Coordinator Anna-Leena Nylund, anna-leena.nylund(at)uef.fi, tel. +358 40 355 2882, who will also provide further information on the matter.

The changes are approved by the Dean of the Faculty. The Faculty will email the approved proposals to all the parties concerned for information purposes.