The doctoral programme is open for admissions throughout the year. Admission rounds for university-funded graduate school positions are announced separately. In most cases, applications for supported positions are submitted once a year. The most important admission criteria for doctoral studies are the student's performance in previous studies, a plan of the intended research (preliminary plan) of no longer than one page and where required, an interview.

How to apply?

A doctoral study right is granted as a result of an application in which the applicant suggests supervisors and makes a research plan. Study right to doctoral studies in Finland does not include scholarship or funding. Funding has to be applied for from various sources separately.

Application instructions

1. Study the instructions, study requirements and guidelines concerning the doctoral programme issued by the university, the faculty and the programme, which can be found on these web pages.

2. Discuss the possibility to pursue doctoral studies with the potential supervisor(s) or with the head of the doctoral programme.

3. Discuss the research topic, doctoral studies and their completion, as well as other supervisors with the future main supervisor. In the Faculty, two or more persons are appointed on application as the supervisor for post graduate studies. Of these, all must hold a doctoral degree and at least one must be a professor, associate professor or assistant professor (Tenure Track) in the Faculty. If a person other than a professor, associate professor or assistant professor (Tenure Track) in the Faculty is proposed as the main supervisor of a doctoral dissertation, their up-to-date list of publications must accompany the application.

You and your supervisors must negotiate and agree on responsibilities and commitment to supervising your research project. The supervisors must give their written consent on the application form. Draw up a preliminary research plan (including the funding plan).  You must indicate in the application the doctoral programme for which you are applying the right to study (SCITECO).

4. The prospective doctoral student applies for the right to pursue doctoral studies using an application form at the

Link to application form:

The following documents must be submitted with the application:

  • a copy of the basic university degree certificate, and other documents which may affect the granting of a study right
  • a transcript of earlier academic records
  • a preliminary research plan (including the funding plan) approved by the main supervisor
  • a supervisor agreement/supervisors' agreement (form in Finnish/form in English)
  • if necessary, a statement from the Comittee on Research Ethics and a permission for the use of laboratory animals.

The application must include the written consent of at least two supervisors. At least one of the supervisors must be a professor, or a senior researcher with a docent's qualification, at the University of Eastern Finland. For more information about our supervisors, please see the individual research area pages.

All the required enclosures must be uploaded in the online application at the latest within one month after the online application is submitted.


After receiving the notification of being admitted to pursue doctoral studies at the University of Eastern Finland, new doctoral students must register as a student in the University's Student Services. The faculty will send the registration form to new doctoral students enclosed with a Letter of Admittance. This form is only used on the first registration; in the following years, registration is done through intranet (WebOodi), by phone, e-mail or personal visit to Student Services. Registration for the next academic year must be completed before 15th September. Please note that in order to maintain your study right you must register to the university each year.

Postgraduate Study Plan

Doctoral student must submit a personal doctoral study plan to the Faculty Administration Office (Kaisa Laitinen, kaisa.laitinen(at), tel. 050 432 7573 in Joensuu, or in Kuopio to Anna-Leena Nylund, anna-leena.nylund(at), tel. 040 355 2882) within 3 months after receiving the study right. The study plan is written under the supervision of the subject's professor and other supervisors. The plan should include the following information: studies included in the degree and their modes of study along with a preliminary timetable. Also visits abroad are mentioned in the study plan. The meaning of the study plan is to ensure that the courses and the research form a good completeness and that the student is really able to complete the studies and research within four years.