Doctoral Programme in Health Sciences

The Doctoral School of the University of Eastern Finland (UEF) comprises all of the university's doctoral
programmes. The doctoral programmes are either discipline-specific, specific to the field of study or
multidisciplinary. Furthermore, the doctoral programmes may be either local or they may operate as part of
national or international networks. All postgraduate students of the university belong to the UEF Doctoral
School and each postgraduate student must also belong to one of the doctoral programmes of the university.
The UEF Doctoral School offers transferable skills studies and the doctoral programmes are responsible for
organizing the discipline-specific and field-specific postgraduate education.

As decided by the faculty board on 27 May 2015, the Faculty of Health Sciences has four (4) doctoral

  • Doctoral Programme of Clinical Research
  • Doctoral Programme in Drug Research
  • Doctoral Programme in Molecular Medicine
  • Doctoral Programme in Health Sciences

The aim of the Doctoral programme in Health sciences is to train international experts in health sciences for demanding national and international positions.

Programme is multidisciplinary covering following fields in health sciences: nursing science, public health (incl. ergonomics), epidemiology, sports medicine, geriatrics, occupational health care, general practise, and nutrition (incl. food science).


Following post graduate degrees can be taken in the Doctoral programme in Health sciences: Licentiate of Philosophy, Doctor of Philosophy, Licentiate of Science (Pharmacy), Doctor of Science (Pharmacy), Licentiate of Science (Health Care) and Doctor of Science (Health Care), Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Dental Science.