Degree Structure and Study Requirements

The studies leading to the licentiate and doctoral degrees available in the doctoral programme comprise the licentiate thesis or the doctoral dissertation, as well as transferable skills studies (10 ECTS) and studies in the discipline and field of research (40 ECTS).

Detailed information of the courses in WebOodi course catalogue:
Doctoral Programme in Educational Studies, 2019-2020

Studies required at the Philosophical Faculty (total 50 ECTS)


Philosophy of science and ethics

1145003 Research Ethics, 1 ECTS (UEF Doctoral School, in English)
Note! Research Ethics -course is obligatory for all doctoral stuedents

2013111 Introduction to Philosophy of Science 1, 2  ECTS (in Finnish)
2013112 Introduction to Philosophy of Science 2, 2 ECTS (in Finnish)

Teaching in English for Philosophy of Science is not available on the academic year 2020-2021.


Scientific writing skills

8010052 Scientific Writing for Post-Graduate Students, 2 ECTS (Language Center, in Finnish)
8010064 English for Doctoral Students, 4 ECTS (Language Center, in English)
2013113 Writing and publishing an international article, 2 ECTS (in English)
8015011 English Academic Writing Skills for Students of MDP in Early Language Education for Intercultural Communication, 4 - 5 ECTS (Language Center, in English)
or some other applicable course in scientific writing skills

2 - 4

Academic and other working life skills

2013151 Presentations in scientific conferences, published scientific articles (not included in the doctoral dissertation), academic teaching positions and other expert positions
8010053 Speech Communication for Post-Graduate Students, 2 ECTS (Language Center, in Finnish)
8010061 Conference English, 3 - 5 ECTS  (Language Center, in English)
8010051 Media Communications for Post-Graduate Students, 2 ECTS (Language Center, in Finnish)
8022020 Research Information Retrieval and Management, 2 ECTS  (Library, in English)
1145018 Doctoral Studies, Career and Networking, 1 ECTS  (UEF Doctoral School, in English)
1145006 Research Project Management, 2 ECTS (UEF Doctoral School, in English)
or some other applicable course in academic working skills.
Further information of the courses organized by UEF Doctoral School in WebOodi course catalogues and Yammer. 

These courses can be used also as "other postgraduate studies supporting the postgraduate research" in the study plan.

3 - 5

Research methods

2013235 Acquisition and analyzing interview materials, 2 ECTS (in Finnish)
2013232 Analysis of Qualitative Material Using the Atlas.ti Software, 1 ECTS (in Finnish and English)
2011112 Qualitative research methods and methodology for doctoral students , 5 ECTS (in English)
5012012 Qualitative Research Methods for Doctoral Students, 5 ECTS (in English or Finnish)
5010107K Workshop in statistical methods, 5 ECTS
5010108 Advanced course in statistical methods 2, 2 - 5 ECTS
2011113 Quantitative Research Methods for Doctoral Students, 5 ECTS (in English)
5210361 Structural Equation Modeling, 4 op 
2013231 Mixed methods -research, 3 ECTS (Teaching language Finnish, materials in Moodle in English)
2013236 Basic course for Mplus programme and structural equation modeling, 3 ECTS (in English or Finnish)
2013238 Advanced course for Mplus, 3 ECTS (in English or Finnish)
2011116 Conducting human behavioural intervention studies, 2 ECTS (in English)

or some other applicable course in research methods. 


Research seminars

The minimum credits of seminars a postgraduate student must attend is 10 ECTS. Each postgraduate student shall participate in several seminar groups. They are to discuss their research in seminars at least four or five times during their postgraduate studies, and they should also actively participate in other seminar work. Teaching language in seminars is English and Finnish. 

2013213 Seminar (Doctoral Programme in Educational Studies), 2 - 4 ECTS. Participation in these seminars at least two times during the doctoral studies is required.
2013217 Seminar of the discipline or research project, 2 - 6 ECTS
2013218 Seminar organized by School (SKOPE) , 2 - 6 op. Obligatory for doctoral students at the School of Applied Educational Science and Teacher Education. 


Other discipline-specific postgraduate studies and/or major or minor subject studies supporting the postgraduate research 

These studies should be agreed with the primary supervisor.


Changing major, doctoral programme or faculty

If a change of major or doctoral programme requires a change of faculty, the student must make a new application for doctoral study rights in accordance with the application instructions and deadlines for the doctoral programme in question.

If a doctoral student wishes to change his/her major within a doctoral programme or degree, he/she may apply for a change in his/her study right on a separate form. Where necessary, a new research plan, commitments of supervisors and certificates of previous studies must be attached to the application.
It will be ascertained in conjunction with processing the application whether the applicant meets the selection criteria for the discipline in question. The new study right will be granted on the decision of the Dean and, under the same decision, the old study right will be revoked. In this case, it is not necessary to adhere to the doctoral programme application deadlines.

If a student wishes to change his/her doctoral programme without changing faculty or major, the recommendations of supervising professor and head of the doctoral programme are needed.