Publication Instructions for Doctoral Dissertations

The Philosophical Faculty will support doctoral candicate in the publication costs of a doctoral dissertation, as the basic layout, printing and proofreading of the manuscript and abstract written in a foreign language. UEF's contractual service provider must be used when the dissertation is published under the faculty's publication series and the publication costs are covered by the Philosophical Faculty.  The invoices are delivered directly to the faculty, as instructed by the amanuensis.

A doctoral dissertation can be published under the faculty's publication series or by an external publishing house. The work may also be left unpublished (e.g. self-published or printed unbound copy).  You can ask information about possible printing houses from editors or postgraduate amanuensis.

The doctoral dissertation must be  available at the university library ten days prior to the public examination.

The author of the dissertation must ensure that the work is published on time and  available at the library ten days prior to the public examination.

Publishing Under the Faculty's Publication Series

If the doctoral candidate wishes to publish his/her dissertation under the publication series of the Pilosophical Faculty, the candidate must contact the editor in charge of the series after he/she has been granted permission for a public examination. The editors of the publication series of the Philosophical Faculty are Professor Päivi Atjonen (School of Educational Sciences and Psychology), Professor Tuula Keinonen and University Lecturer Sirpa A. Kärkkäinen (School of Applied Educational Science and Teacher Education), Professor Matti Kotiranta (Theology) and Professor Pertti Anttonen (Humanities).

Further details and instructions about publishing a dissertation in pdf-document below:

Publication of doctoral dissertations and printing under the faculty's publication series (pdf)

Loose title page

A loose title page is placed inside the front cover of the dissertation. The page is printed separately. Information concerning the public defence is printed on it in addition to the title of the work and the full name of the author.

Template for a loose title page (pdf)

Distribution lists of doctoral dissertations

Distribution list for doctoral dissertations published in faculty's series (pdf)

Distribution list for doctoral dissertations, if published elsewhere (pdf)