Appointing the Supervisors

At least two supervisors are appointed for a doctoral student. The supervisors are appointed by the Dean in the  decision on admission to doctoral studies.

According to the decision of the Faculty Board of the Philosophical Faculty each doctoral student has a supervising professor who is to be appointed already at the application stage and who agrees to support the application. The role of the supervising professor is administrative unless they act as a primary supervisor. The tasks of the supervising professor include discussing the contents of the doctoral student’s personal study plan and overseeing the thesis submission and examination process. The thesis is supervised by the student’s primary supervisor, who is a professor, associate professor or docent. If the supervising professor is also the primary supervisor, a second supervisor is to be appointed. The revised instructions apply only to new students and supervision agreements, as of 1 August 2018.

The supervisors mutually agree on the division of supervisory tasks and notify this to the student. The changes of supervisors are subject to approval by the Dean. If the postgraduate student and the supervisors cannot come to a mutual agreement on any issues regarding the supervision, they can ask the Dean to resolve the issue.

Roles and responsibilities of a doctoral student and supervisor

The responsibility of a doctoral student is to

  • register each year as being present or absent,
  • ensure that his/her research plan is updated and to commit to undertaking research
  • prepare a doctoral study plan on the basis of the research topic, the scientific objectives of the degree and his/her personal aims, e.g. career goals, and ensure that it is updated
  • submit to the supervisor, without undue delay, documentation concerning study attainments based on scientific activities
  • familiarise himself/herself with good scientific practice and research ethics principles (UEF's Ethical Guidelines for Teaching and Studying; Responsible Conducting of Research, TENK), and comply with these principles in carrying out studies and conducting research for the thesis
  • utilise guidance and take into account feedback received from the supervisor
  • participate during his/her studies in the activities of the scientific community and in scientific discussion and postgraduate education
  • bear responsibility for obtaining financing (e.g. foundations, funding by a company and other supplementary financing, UEF doctoral school) and request, where necessary, a statement by the supervisor in good time, before the deadline for application
  • submit the manuscript of the doctoral dissertation for scrutiny by the plagiarism detection system prior to pre-review, request a public defence, publish the doctoral dissertation and apply for the degree certificate

The role of a primary supervisor is to

  • supervise the student’s doctoral research and assist him/her in structuring the various stages of the research work
  • provide guidance in preparing a personal plan for doctoral studies in such a way that the plan meets the objectives of the degree, the personal aims of the student and the doctoral programme’s curriculum
  • submit, without undue delay, the student’s study attainments for registration
  • familiarise the doctoral student with the ethical issues of conducting research, good scientific practice and the principles of managing research data
  • commit to supervision: address the elements of the doctoral research, provide the student with feedback and monitor and support the progress of the student’s doctoral studies
  • facilitate the doctoral student’s integration in the national and international scientific community and encourage him/her to create a peer support network
  • support the doctoral student in applying for funding, and write recommendations and statements
  • in accordance with the possibilities, ensure that the research fills the context- and form-based criteria required of the thesis in question before it is submitted for review or pre-review
  • go through and evaluate the comparative results provided by the plagiarism detection system on the manuscript of the doctoral dissertation

The supervising professor is responsible for the content of the postgraduate study plan and the doctoral dissertation review process, among other matters. If the supervising professor is not the primary supervisor, the study plan should be prepared jointly by the student, the supervising professor and the primary supervisor. The supervising professor will prepare a proposal on the preliminary examiners of the doctoral dissertation, as well as the opponent, and usually acts as custos during the public examination of the dissertation.

For a justifiable reason a supervisor can be changed or additional supervisors can be appointed. Examples of justified reasons are that the theme of the research project has been changed or readjusted or that the research project is not making satisfactory progress. The proposal for replacing a supervisor may be made by the student or by the supervisor.  Replacement of a supervisor is agreed on between the parties, and the final decision is made by the Dean.

Queries on Doctoral Studies 

Amanuensis will answer queries concerning the DP in Educational Studies and postgraduate studies at the Philosophical Faculty

Postgraduate amanuensis
Kaisu Kortelainen
tel. +358 29 445 8032

Contact persons of the doctoral programme

Professor Markku Niemivirta
Philosophical Faculty, School of Applied Educational Science and Teacher Education

Professor Leena Holopainen
Philosophical Faculty, School of Educational Sciences and Psychology