Support for Studies and Research

  • Research Services advance and support research and development funding from outside the university. The unit offers services related to research and innovation funding and contracts to personnel and postgraduate students of the university, such as information, guidance, training and seminars.
  • Student and Learning Services serves all students in matters related to studies, study plans, graduation and employment.
  • Library of the University of Eastern Finland is a public scientific library. Its services, facilities and collections in the university’s scientific fields are open to everyone. Library also offers support to information retrieval, research methods, publishing,  research data management, research evaluation, research and researcher visibility, research ethics and open science.
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Services serve the university’s researchers and students in matters related to entrepreneurship, research results applications and innovations.
  • Statistical help in the Faculty of Health Sciences is provided by statistician Matti Estola (; 040 355 2232)