Plagiarism detection

The doctoral dissertation (or the Licentiate thesis) must be checked with the plagiarism detection tool before submitting it to pre-examination. In the case of article-based dissertation, only unpublished parts (Abstract and manuscripts of scientific articles) will be checked.  Plagiarism detection will be carried out with Turnitin, which is integrated in online learning environment Moodle.  



Supervisor's duty is to create a course in Moodle environment and to add Turnitin assignment on the course. When doing it for the first time, the supervisor must accept the terms and conditions by logging in Turnitin-system using HAKA login. Moodle course will be created by filling in an e-form with course specifics. When the course has been added on Moodle environment, the supervisor must add Turnitin assignment by clicking "Add an activity or recourse".

The supervisor must also review the plagiarism detection report and inform the Faculty about the result. 

The doctoral student must upload the manuscript of the thesis to Turnitin assignment as a single file, and to inform the supervisor when the report is ready. It will be possible to save the manuscript to the Turnitin database for future purposes. Student's Turnitin can be also used for self-directed detection of earlier versions of the manuscript of the thesis or of the scientific articles.