Publishing your dissertation

After your faculty has given you permission to defend the dissertation, you may publish it. The dissertations are usually published both in print and electronically. The University of Eastern Finland and many research centres have publications series, which publish doctoral dissertations. The University of Eastern Finland publication series have sub-series for dissertations.  You have to follow publishing instructions of your own sub-series. More information about e-publishing on webpages of the library.

The dissertation must be published at least 10 days before the public examination. It is up to the candidate to make sure that the dissertation is available for viewing at the University Library by the deadline. It is not necessary to have the dissertation printed.

  1. After the faculty has given the doctoral candidate permission for public examination, the doctoral dissertation can be published.
  2. The doctoral student is responsible for preparing the dissertation for publication. The doctoral student also takes care of the layout in practice. It is recommended to use the layout template from the beginning of the dissertation writing process.
  3. As the author, the doctoral student is responsible for acquiring copyrights and publication rights for the articles and other materials in the dissertation.
    In case a dissertation contains articles that have been published the doctoral student should have permission for reprinting the articles. Permission for reprinting is applied from the original publisher of the article(s). Publishers may have a form for applying permission; otherwise, you can find a template for applying preprint permissions on the webpages of the library. Permission for electronic publishing should be included to the application.
    An article-based dissertation is published in full only if the original article publishers have given their written consent to republish the articles in the university’s publication series. Otherwise only the conclusion will be published.
    A paragraph dissertation requires permission to modify a published article (including technical modifications) in addition to permission for reprinting.
    The permission for reprinting must be announced on a separate page at the beginning of each article, in the table of contents and after other possible indexes. E.g. ’Printed with the kind permission of [publisher’s name]’
    a template for applying preprint permissions
  4. The doctoral student applies for publication permission from the publication series’ editor. The doctoral student sets an appointment with an editor. The time span between having publication permission and dissertation day should be long enough (at least six weeks) to ensure adequate time for editing and printing process.

    Dissertations in Health Sciences are published in in the faculty of health sciences series (Publications of the University of Eastern Finland. Dissertations in Health Sciences). The editor decides on the layout according to the Faculty style sheet and publishing instructions.


Distribution of work by units

  Professor Tomi Laitinen 
(editor in chief)
+358 44 711 3279 
Institute of Clinical Medicine and Institute of Public Heath and Clinical Nutrition
  Accociate Professor Tarja Kvist
+358 40 355 2623
Department of Nursing Science and Institute of Dentistry
  Professor Tarja Malm
+358 50 387 1881 
A.I. Virtanen Institute for Molecular Science and Institute of Biomedicine
  Professori Ville Leinonen
+358 44 7172 303
Institute of Clinical Medicine and Institute of Public Heath and Clinical Nutrition
  University Lecturer Veli-Pekka Ranta
+358 40 355 2494
School of Pharmacy

Once the editor has received the dissertation manuscript and the documents associated with the publishing agreement, the editor checks that

  • the language used in the dissertation manuscript is flawless (the language has been revised)
  • the dissertation manuscript is formatted in compliance with the layout model of the series and that it follows the faculty’s publishing instructions
  •  the necessary permissions for reprinting / reusing possible articles in the dissertation have been obtained.

    After receiving the publication permission, the student signs a publication contract with the editor-in-chief. The number of copies in the first edition is defined in the publishing agreement.

    At the Faculty of Health Sciences, the doctoral candidate covers the costs of:
  • the copies for the opponent and the custos
  •  the copies to be delivered to members of the university (Rector, Academic Rector, professors representing the doctoral candidate's subject, an electronic copy to Dean)
  • the copies to be put on display at and archived by the UEF Library (5 copies >> Grano will mail these to the campus library in Snellmania)
  • the legal deposit copies for the National Library of Finland (6 copies >> Grano will mail these to the National Library)
  • other possible copies (decided by the doctoral student)
  1. The doctoral student requests an ISBN code for the dissertation from by using the web-form.
  2. The doctoral student writes a content description for the dissertation together with the library, either by email or through a personal appointment with an informatician (further information from the library customer service points)
  3. The doctoral student manages the printing of the dissertation. The thesis can be printed at any printing service when costs are covered by a private person. If the costs are covered by the Faculty of Health Sciences the compensation is available only when printing is ordered from printing house that University has an agreement with (Grano).  The doctoral student is responsible for the printing of the dissertation.
  4. The doctoral student checks the proof version. A proof must always be printed before the thesis is published. The editor-in-chief gives printing permission.
  5. The doctoral student sees to the distribution of the dissertation unless otherwise agreed. The doctoral student is responsible for that printing house delivers a printed copy of dissertation to campus library to be available for public. If the student uses Grano they will mail the copies to be put on display at and archived by the UEF Library
    If a doctoral student uses other printing house than Grano, the student takes care of the distribution of dissertation.
    The custom has been to send the dissertation to the Rector of the student’s home campus, the Dean of the Faculty (in electronic format) and the Professor of the student’s subject. Copies of the dissertation are sent to the opponent and the Custos well before the public examination.
    The University’s agreed printing house will forward the electronic dissertation to the library. If printing is executed in other than University’s agreed printing house, a doctoral student should remind a printing house about this task.
    The doctoral student is responsible for recording the dissertation in University’s SoleCRIS database.
    The library is responsible for selling the dissertation and determines the price.
  6. The doctoral student must take the dissertation to the library of his/her home campus at least ten days before the public examination.

Style sheets

  • Word (updated 14.4.2020)
  • PDF (updated 14.4.2020)

Faculty’s old style sheets can be used until 30 April 2019. If your dissertation takes place later than that, new style sheets need to be used.

Dissertation printing cost compensation

Faculty of Health sciences compensates dissertation printing costs up to 400€ / dissertation. Compensation is available only when printing is ordered from printing house that University has an agreement with (Grano).  As agreed between printing house Grano and Faculty, the defendant should announce when ordering the printing, that an invoice of max. 400€ including VAT, can be sent directly to the Faculty. In case the printing costs are less than 400€, the one invoice can be sent to the Faculty. As a reference, the name of the defendant, date of defense, and code 400010, should be mentioned in the invoice.