Accepting the Study Right

Accepting the Study Right and Registration

According to the one-place-per-student provision, a student may accept only one study place per academic year in a degree programme leading to a higher education degree.   In practice, this means that a student accepted to a doctoral programme is required to notify the university of whether he or she will accept the offered study place or not. This notification should be made by filling out and returning a form that is included in the university's letter of acceptance. A student accepted to a doctoral programme is required to return the form to the university's Admissions Office by the deadline indicated. If the student fails to return the form by the deadline, he or she will lose the study place. A new study place can be obtained by re-applying for admission only.

New doctoral students must accept the study right and then register as a student in the university's Student Services. You can find instructions for registration in Kamu.  Registration for the next academic year must be completed before 15 September through a student information system WebOodi, e-mail or phone (p. +358 29 445 8900). Please note that in order to maintain your study right you must register to the university each year.

A student who fails to register annually during the registration period will be removed from the university registers and he or she will need to re-apply for admission as a student using a separate form. The student will also be charged a re-registration fee.

Study right of visiting doctoral students

Visiting doctoral students can apply for a temporary study right from UEF. The study right can be admitted to visiting foreign doctoral students, who already have a permission for doctoral studies in their home university. The study right of a visiting doctoral student does not allow a student to complete doctoral degree at UEF.

Application for Study Right, Visiting Doctoral Students