Doctoral Program in Business

The Doctoral Programme in Business Studies provides world-class business research expertise that transcends the traditional limits of the discipline. In the doctoral programme, doctoral students work on research projects that follows the research profile specified for both campuses and aim at the degree of Licentiate of Science (Economics and Business Administration) or Doctor of Science (Economics and Business Administration).

There are six fields within Business Studies for doctoral students to choose from:

1. Business Studies, Innovation Management (Kuopio)

2. Business Studies, Service Management (Joensuu)

3. Business Studies, Accounting and Finance (Kuopio)

4. Business Studies, Business and Law (Joensuu)

5. Business Studies, International Business and Sales Management (Kuopio)

6. Business Studies, Tourism Marketing and Management (Joensuu)

Because of its contents and emphases, the doctoral programme in the University of Eastern Finland is different from the doctoral programmes in other business faculties and schools in Finland.

Doctoral studies in business studies aim at familiarising the students with the research, theories and research methods in the field in a way which qualifies the students to prepare a licentiate thesis or a doctoral dissertation. Furthermore, students strengthen their knowledge in their specific specialisation fields. The doctoral programme encourages students to take an international approach: to participate in researcher exchanges, study in foreign universities, make presentations in international conferences, publish in international journals and become members of international researcher networks.


Doctoral student positions

Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies is inviting next time applications for Doctoral Student Positions (Early Stage Researcher), for the Doctoral Programme in Business in spring 2021.