Data Science

Data science has become ubiquitous in the modern society, from companies tailoring their products and offerings based on customers’ data to scientists and researchers deriving new knowledge from their data. As a part of computer science, the goal of data science research is to develop methods that can be used for data science applications, for example, by the aforementioned companies or researchers. Data science is interdisciplinary; it uses various methods from machine learning, artificial intelligence, data mining, optimization, algorithms theory, and other disciplines of computer science, as well as statistics, bioinformatics, and techniques from different applied fields.


At UEF School of Computing, the primary data science research groups are Nature-Inspired Data Mining, led by Prof. Xiao-Zhi Gao, and Algorithmic Data Analysis, led by Prof. Pauli Miettinen. The research and education of statistics, led by Prof. Lauri Mehtätalo, is strongly connected to data science research. In addition specific data science groups, topics strongly related to data science are also studied in other research groups at the School of Computing. These include Machine Learning, led by Prof. Pasi Fränti, Computational Intelligence, led by Prof. Pekka Toivanen, and Computational Speech Group, led by Assistant Prof. Tomi Kinnunen.