Applying for the degree (Joensuu)

In order to apply for the degree you must have a valid study right and you need to be enrolled for the semester (you will see your status in WebOodi)! Note that the process of the degree takes time and the possible holiday seasons (mainly July) can postpone getting the degree. The degree can be registered as completed in the academic semester in question if the studies have been completed and the degree certificate application has been submitted by the end of the academic semester.

When you have completed all studies required in your degree (120 ECTS minimum), including the MSc thesis and Master’s essay, you may apply for the degree as follows:


1. Specify in this excel form below all the studies to be included in your degree and send it as an attachment to study secretary Meri Kinnunen meri.kinnunen(at) Your studies will then be registered.

Form: courses to be included into the degree


2. When your studies have been registered, fill out the form below and return it to School of Computing Secretariat, Meri Kinnunen (Science Park, building 1, 3rd floor, B329). You can also send it via email if it is signed to speed up the process but always bring or send in mail the original papers.

Degree application

  • Main subject: Computer Science
  • Minor studies, other studies: leave these sections blank unless you have a subject in addition to Computer Science in which you have minimum of 20 ECTS. If you do, they can be registered as minor studies in that specific field (graded as ‘Pass’).
  • “I want to leave these studies out of the degree”: be specific here if there are extra courses which you would like to leave out of the MSc degree, e.g. if you’re planning on becoming a post graduate student and would like to use some of the extra studies for that degree. Note that you cannot leave out any obligatory courses and your MSc degree must be at least 120 ECTS.



Postal address:

Meri Kinnunen

University of Eastern Finland
School of Computing
Länsikatu 15
80110 Joensuu



You may contact study secretary Meri Kinnunen if you need help with the process, meri.kinnunen (at)