Curricula 2016-2017 of the Faculty (available only in Finnish)

General student counselling (Joensuu and Kuopio)

Head of Administration, Student Affairs, Kaisa Laitinen, kaisa.laitinen(at), tel. 050 432 7573, room Natura 348, Joensuu campus

Degree certificates (Joensuu and Kuopio)

Department Secretary Anita Oinasmaa, anita.oinasmaa(at), tel. 050 442 3215, room Natura 349, Joensuu campus

Department of Physics and Mathematics (Joensuu)

Study Secretary Marita Ratilainen, marita.ratilainen(at), tel. 050 433 8260, room Educa 309, Joensuu campus

Department of Chemistry (Joensuu)

Coordinator Mari Heiskanen, mari.heiskanen(at), tel. 050 442 2380, room Futura 234B, Joensuu campus

School of Forest Sciences (Joensuu)

Coordinator Noora Ala-aho, noora.ala-aho(at), tel. 050 442 0779, Borealis 352, Joensuu campus

Study Secretary Anne Tikkanen, anne.tikkanen(at), tel. 050 442 4099, room Borealis 360, Joensuu campus

Department of Applied Physics (Kuopio)

Study Secretary Sanna Jylhä, sanna.jylha(at), tel. 040 355 2550, room Melania 112/1, Kuopio campus

School of Computing (Joensuu and Kuopio)

Study Secretary Meri Jäppinen, meri.jappinen(at), tel. 050 529 9042, room Tiedepuisto B329, Joensuu campus

Study Secretary Merja Leppänen, merja.leppanen(at), tel. 040 355 2262, room Technopolis F2008, Kuopio campus

Department of Environmental and Biological Sciences (Joensuu and Kuopio)

Study Secretary Susanna Kajo, susanna.kajo(at), tel. 040 355 3184, room Snellmania 2133/1, Kuopio campus

Office Secretary Mervi Kinnunen, mervi.kinnunen(at), tel. 050 442 2642, room Natura 371, Joensuu campus


After the student has completed all the required studies for the Master’s degree (study modules and thesis), he or she may apply for the degree certificate. The student checks that all his or her study performances have been registered. The personal study plan accepted by the student’s department or school must be attached to the degree certificate application form.

Form for applying for the degree of Master of Science (MSc)

The delivery time for the certificate is approximately three weeks after the registration date of the last study performance or the date of submitting the degree certificate application to the Administration Service Center of the Faculty. During busy periods, such as at the end of calendar and academic years, the time of delivery time may, however, be longer than three weeks. Foreign students’ degree certificates are accompanied with an English translation of the Finnish original and a transcript of academic records in English. Transcript of academic records is an official document issued by the University. The transcript includes information on studies, such as completed and recognized study modules, completed study blocks, and grades.

If the student wants to secure that he or she will graduate by the end of an academic year (31 July and 31 December), the following submission dates have to be followed

  • Spring term: Master’s thesis by 30 April, degree certificate application by 6 May
  • Autumn term: Master’s thesis by 31 October, degree certificate application by 6 December

The Administrative Service Center of the Faculty deals with theses and degree certificates continuously in normal schedule. The above mentioned deadlines are to certain that, if needed, the student receives the degree certificate by the end of an academic year.

Degree can be registered as completed in the academic year in question if

  • all study modules of both the main subject and the minor subjects have been registered as completed by the end of the academic year
  • degree certificate application has been submitted by the end of the academic year

The degree certificate application form shall be returned to the secretary in charge of the study affairs at the department or school.

The degree certificate will be either posted to the student or the student may collect it from the Faculty.

Persons in charge of the subject

The persons in charge of the subject are responsible for the teaching and development of the subject, they attend to the subject’s research activities and research training, and lead the development of curricula in the field of study.

Applied Physics
Research Manager Tero Karjalainen, tero.karjalainen(at), tel. 040 355 2121, room Melania 223 Kuopio campus

Senior Researcher Sari Kontunen-Soppela, sari.kontunen.soppela(at), tel. 050 442 2674, room Natura 360 Joensuu campus

Professor Mika Suvanto, mika.suvanto(at), tel. 050 303 0562, room Futura 243 Joensuu campus

Computer Science
Professor Markku Hauta-Kasari, markku.hauta-kasari(at), tel. 050 405 6231, room Tiedepuisto Joensuu campus
Senior Lecturer Erkki Pesonen, erkki.t.pesonen(at), tel. 040 355 2562, room Technopolis G2006 Kuopio campus
Research Manager Jarkko Suhonen (Joensuu campus), jarkko.suhonen(at), tel. 050 435 8927, room Tiedepuisto TB340
Professor Markku Tukiainen, markku.tukiainen(at), tel. 050 441 1508, room Tiedepuisto B333 Joensuu campus

Environmental Science
Senior Lecturer Jonne Naarala, jonne.naarala(at), tel. 040 355 3581, room Snellmania 4311, Kuopio campus

Forest Science
Professor Timo Tokola, timo.tokola(at), tel. 050 401 5835, room Borealis 363 Joensuu campus

Professor Risto Korhonen, risto.korhonen(at), tel. 050 442 2684, room Metria 213, Joensuu campus

Professor Seppo Honkanen, seppo.honkanen(at), tel. 050 560 5287, room Metria 313 Joensuu campus

Master’s thesis

After completing Master's thesis

  1. The student sends his or her Master's thesis to the supervisor for plagiarism detection via Moodle. The originality check is carried out on all theses written within lower and higher university degrees at the University of Eastern Finland. More information on the electronic plagiarism checker is on the University's Studies page.
  1. The supervisor analyses the plagiarism detection report and sends an email of the plagiarism detection to the student.
  1. The student prepares a PDF/A file of his or her Master's thesis, please see the instructions of the UEF Library.
  1. The Master's thesis is submitted for examination via an electronic submittal form available in TeamPlace (registration is needed).
  1. The student gives the name of the main supervisor on the form and submits the Master's thesis for examination.
  1. The supervisor will receive an email notification of the Master's thesis being submitted for examination. The email will have a link to the form.
  1. The supervisor adds a second examiner on the form and sends the form forward in the process. The preparing officer at the department or school drafts a decision on the examiners. The head of the department or school signs the decision. This begins the examination process.

Evaluation of Master's thesis

Grading is governed by separate, faculty-specific instructions for examiners. Examiners have four weeks to prepare their statement.

Approval and publishing of Master's thesis

When the examiners have given their statement and proposed the grade, the department or school hears the student concerning the statement. The officer at the department or school sends the student the examiners' evaluation report and a form to be completed. The student replies to the hearing by returning the completed form to the officer.

The head of department or school makes the decision on the approval and grading of Master's theses. The officer at the department or school enters the grade in the record of completed studies after the student's maturity test has been accepted, too.

When the Master's thesis is submitted electronically for examination, it is automatically saved on the library's network drive.

Theses for the Faculty of Science and Forestry are available in the UEF Electronic Publications service of the University library. Theses that may not be published electronically are available for reading (but not for borrowing) at the e-Gradu terminals of the campus libraries. Theses may be printed from these terminals, printing is subject to a fee specified on the price list. Theses may not be forwarded or copied digitally (for example, onto a flash drive).

For further information, please contact the unit's officer processing Master's theses and theses included in the advanced studies.