Master’s thesis and maturity exam

The master's essay aka maturity test is an essay in which the student is expected to demonstrate their knowledge in the field of their study as well as their competence in English. More specifically, the test aims to demonstrate student’s knowledge and ability to reflect on the subject of thesis, used methods, results and most important aspects of the performed study.

Student can take the maturity test after completing the Master’s thesis after sending the thesis for evaluation by contacting the supervisor. You will be arranged a date to write the maturity exam.

In the maturity exam you will be given 1-3 topics to choose from which you will write an essay (3 full pages of the main text minimum). Outline your essay so that it is easy to read. Text can be creative and critical and written with personal style, but also it should be written with a groomed style. You will be given more specific writing instructions when the examination begins. You will have 2 hours to write the essay. Evaluation is pass/fail, no credit points are awarded for passing the exam.