Responsibility areas


Head of the department Markku Hauta-Kasari  
Vice head of the department Markku Tukiainen  
Vice head of the department Erkki Pesonen  

1. Vice heads are responsible for organising graduate degree studies (excl. International master programs) and tasks related to development and evaluation. Holistic development must be done from the perspective of the whole department.

2. Vice heads are responsible for general tasks related to the student admission of graduate degree studies (excl. International master programs) together with the personnel of university services local administration. This is from the perspective of the whole department as well.
3. Vice heads are responsible for tasks related to curricula and degree structures of the department. These tasks are connected with the planning of teaching content and schedules as well as allocation of teachers for the execution of courses.
4. Vice heads are responsible for daily teaching related matters at their campus, for example, allocating the responsibles for personal study plans (PSP), approving study modules, tutor activities and organising exam supervision.
Persons in charge of subject    
Markku Hauta-Kasari    
Erkki Pesonen coordination of the development of teaching methods  
Jarkko Suhonen development of teaching methods, ICT Study Path Coordinator  
Markku Tukiainen coordination of curricula development  
Lauri Mehtätalo statistics  
For new employees
Orientation and instruction Immediate superior  
Keys, Joensuu Juha Hakkarainen, Dmitry Semenov  
Keys, Kuopio Merja Leppänen  
IT support, IT authorisation applications, telephones, in Joensuu Juha HakkaraiIT support, IT authorisation applications, telephones, in Joensuu  
IT support, IT authorisation applications, telephones, in Kuopio Jukka Pitkänen  
Work Space Agreement documents Meri Kinnunen (Joensuu), Merja Leppänen (Kuopio)  
Study related matters    
Study administration Meri Kinnunen, Merja Leppänen, Paavo Pakoma  
Degree certificate application, Joensuu Meri Kinnunen  
Degree certificate application, Kuopio Paavo Pakoma, Merja Leppänen  
Responsible for curricula development, vice head Markku Tukiainen  
Responsible for teaching methods, vice head Erkki Pesonen  
Curricula updates, teaching schedules Paavo Pakoma, Merja Leppänen  
Development group for Data Science education Pauli Miettinen  
Development group for graduate degree studies (Perko) Erkki Pesonen, Jarkko Suhonen  
Editor for dissertations Matti Tedre  
Student admission, Joensuu Simo Juvaste  
Student admission, Kuopio Erkki Pesonen  
Practical training responsible, Joensuu Simo Juvaste  
Practical training responsible, Kuopio Matti Nykänen  
Working life responsible, Joensuu Simo Juvaste  
Working life responsible, Kuopio Marko Jäntti  
Introduction to work life (TET), Joensuu Ilkka Jormanainen  
Introduction to work life (TET), Kuopio Paavo Pakoma  
Recruitment responsible Anssi Kanervisto  
SoleCris responsible Jani Koskinen  
Research seminar organizer Juho Kettunen  
Coordination of exam supervision, Joensuu, vice head Markku Tukiainen  
Coordination of exam supervision, Kuopio, vice head Erkki Pesonen, Paavo Pakoma  
Exam organization, Joensuu Meri Kinnunen  
Exam organization, Kuopio Merja Leppänen  
Sciteco doctoral school Tomi Kinnunen  
Open science working group Matti Tedre  
PSP teacher 1st class, Joensuu Ilkka Jormanainen  
PSP teacher 2nd class, Joensuu Markku Tukiainen  
PSP teacher 3rd class, Joensuu Matti Tedre  
PSP teacher n. class BSc, Joensuu Simo Juvaste  
PSP teacher MSc, Joensuu Pasi Fränti, Educational technology and teacher training: Markku Tukiainen  
PSP teacher, IMPIT Markku Hauta-Kasari  
PSP teacher, COSI Markku Hauta-Kasari  
PSP teacher, IMLEX Markku Hauta-Kasari  
PSP teacher BSc, Kuopio Erkki Pesonen, Paavo Pakoma  
PSP teacher MSc, Kuopio Erkki Pesonen, Paavo Pakoma  
Thesis supervision contact people Markku Tukiainen (Joensuu), Virpi Hotti (Kuopio)  
Tutor teacher, Joensuu Simo Juvaste  
Tutor teacher, Kuopio Paavo Pakoma  
Student exchange, Joensuu Oili Kohonen  
Student exchange, Kuopio Esther Galbrun  
COSI-coordinator Laura Hurmalainen  
IMLEX-coordinator Laura Hurmalainen  
IMPIT-coordinator Oili Kohonen  
TUT-UEF-MSc programme Markku Hauta-Kasari, Markku Tukiainen, Oili Kohonen  
International master programs, responsible Markku Hauta-Kasari  
Study module registration, Joensuu Meri Kinnunen. Perus- ja aineopinnot Simo Juvaste, opettajapuoli Markku Tukiainen, IMPIT Markku Hauta-Kasari, muut tutkimusryhmittäin  
Study module registration, Kuopio Paavo Pakoma, Erkki Pesonen, Merja Leppänen  
RPL responsible Simo Juvaste (Joensuu), Paavo Pakoma (Kuopio)  
Processing and registering of credits Meri Kinnunen (Joensuu), Merja Leppänen (Kuopio)  
Open university, rights of educational organisation, Computer science Markku Hauta-Kasari  
Open university, rights of educational organisation, Statistics Lauri Mehtätalo  
SC staff Moodle Turnitin contact person Meri Kinnunen  
Financial secretary Marjut Anttilainen  
Human resources, faculty Suvituuli Sormunen (Joensuu), Anita Smolander (Kuopio)  
UEF hosting agreements Suvituuli Sormunen  
Purchase invoices, Rondo Marjut Anttilainen  
M2 contact person, travel expense reports Marjut Anttilainen  
SoleTM contact person Marjut Anttilainen  
Saima recruiting contact person Sara Keronen  
General informing Oili Kohonen  
Study related informing Paavo Pakoma, Meri Kinnunen  
Email list of SoC Oili Kohonen  
Facebook, twitter Oili Kohonen, Erkki Pesonen, Markku Hauta-Kasari  
Helpnet-phonebook updates Meri Kinnunen (Joensuu), Merja Leppänen (Kuopio)  
Webpage updates Oili Kohonen + research group people, study pages: Meri Kinnunen, Paavo Pakoma  
Study community and Kamu Erkki Pesonen, Paavo Pakoma, Merja Leppänen  
Work wellbeing    
Contact person, Joensuu Laura Hurmalainen  
Contact person, Kuopio Erkki Pesonen  
Ergonomics, Joensuu Dmitry Semenov  
Ergonomics, Kuopio Erkki Pesonen  
Faculty's infra work group Markku Hauta-Kasari, vice member Markku Tukiainen  
Quality coordinator Erkki Pesonen, vice member Matti Nykänen  
Small equipment, Joensuu Dmitry Semenov  
Small equipment, Kuopio Jukka Pitkänen  
Office supplies, Joensuu Meri Kinnunen  
Office supplies, Kuopio Merja Leppänen  
Departmental library, Joensuu Meri Kinnunen  
Departmental library, Kuopio Merja Leppänen  
Room reservations    
Room reservations, Joensuu Meri Kinnunen  
Room reservations, Kuopio Merja Leppänen  
Tilanvaraukset opetus, Joensuu ja Kuopio Paavo Pakoma  
Room reservations, flowers, lunch, Joensuu Meri Kinnunen  
Room reservations and flowers, Kuopio Merja Leppänen  
Payments  e.g. preliminary examiners and opponent Marjut Anttilainen  
Work spaces, offices, Joensuu Markku Hauta-Kasari  
Work spaces, offices, Kuopio Erkki Pesonen  
Work spaces, Joensuu open office Dmitry Semenov