Professor Jopi Nyman is Professor and Chair of English at the UEF (Joensuu). His research interests deal with animal representation in Anglophone literature and popular culture. His major publications in human-animal studies include the monograph Postcolonial Animal Tale from Kipling to Coetzee (New Delhi: Atlantic, 2003) and the co-edited collection Animal Magic: Essays on Animals in the American Imagination (Joensuu: University of Joensuu, 2004). His most recent work in the field includes fortcoming essays on the ethics of encounters between human and animals in travel writing and the space of the animal in Bourke and Rendall’s A Lion Called Christian. In the CONIMAL project his research focuses on affective encounters between humans and horses in autobiography, fan fiction, and other cultural representations of equines.
email: jopi.nyman(at)

Dr Outi Ratamäki was awarded a doctoral degree in the social sciences with the doctoral dissertation Societal Sustainability and New Governance in Finnish Wolf Policy  in 2009. Her research interests are in the interfaces between legal, ethical, scientific, and political arguments in animal issues. In CONIMAL she will be in charge of the subproject From Politics to Rights: The Battle for Concepts and Institutional Settings. This project examines the question of the affective turn through a case study of a horse slaughter petition organized to cease  the suffering of horses as they are transported long distances across Europe to be slaughtered.
email: outi.ratamaki(at)

MSc Nora Schuurman will defend her doctoral dissertation ‘Horses as horses’: The Interpretation of the Animal and its Welfare in early 2012. Her research concentrates on the social and cultural dimensions of the human—horse relationship. In the CONIMAL project she will be investigating the expanding trade of equines as animal companions. The research focuses on both the personal relationships between leisure horse owners and their horses, and the role of cultural and national imagery in the international trade of regional and national horse breeds.
email: nora.schuurman(at)

Photo: Tone Arstila