Day 1: Thursday November 14                                                        Room: Agora 109


9:00-9:30      Registration                                                                                             

9:30-9:45        Welcome                                                        

9:45-10:45    KEYNOTE LECTURE:                                              

Graham Huggan: Never-ending stories, ending narratives: polar bears, climate change populism, and the recent history of British nature documentary film

10:45-11:15  Coffee                                      

11:15-12:30    Papers:                                                

Nickie Charles: Written and spoken words: representations of animals and intimacy

Maria Olaussen: Seeing the animal otherwise: Kerstin Ekman, Jakob von Uexküll and The Dog

Karoliina Lummaa: An avian human art? Material-semiotic connections between bird song and poetry

12:30-13:30    Lunch                                     

13:30-14:45    Papers:                                                

Fredrik Karlsson: Animals as potentially moral subjects

Markku Lehtimäki: Confronting Non Human Animals in Fiction:  J.M. Coetzee's Elizabeth Costello and the Ethics of Representation

Jouni Teittinen: The (Textual) Construction of Pain in Non-Human Animals

14:45-15:15    Coffee

15:15-16:30    Papers:                                                

Karen Dalke & Harry Wels: Ethnographic Research in a Changing Cultural Landscape

Taija Kaarlenkaski: Cattle Tending in the "Good Old Times": Human-Cow Relationships in Late Nineteenth-Century and Early Twentieth-Century Finland

Juha Hiedanpää: Fear as a sign: The reception of the wolf in southwestern Finland

16:30-16:45    Break  

16:45-18:00    Papers:                                                

Elisabeth Brandin: Demonstrating significant otherness of human-moose relations in moose parks

Teuvo Laitila: Feeding the tigress: Buddhist Jataka tale as an example of human-animal relations

Raimo Pakarinen: Urban humans and urban animals: mental representations of good and evil

19: 30-          Dinner at Restaurant Teatteriravintola                                     


Day 2: Friday November 15                                                             Room: Agora 109


8:30-9:45        KEYNOTE LECTURE:

Lynda Birke: Moving animals            

9:45-10:15      Coffee                                                

10:15-11:30    Papers:                                                

Tua Korhonen: Homeric Horses: the Affectionate Bond between Horses and Humans/Gods

Erika Ruonakoski: Embodied Relationship to a Dying Animal: Greek Depictions of Horses

Reingard Spannring: Learning in Horse-Human Relationships: Challenges to Anthropocentric Philosophies of Education

11:30-12:30  Lunch                                                                            

12:30-13:45    Papers:                                                

Gwenaëlle Grefe & Sylvine Pickel Chevalier: From work men-horse to beloved women-companion: the Revolution of the human-horse relation (XIX-XXIth centuries)

Ulla Miettinen & Liisa Nurminen: Can an animal be a partner and workmate?

Outi Ratamäki: Role of emotions in human-animal relations - a case study of long distance transports of horses to slaughter

13:45-14:15    Coffee                                    

14:15-15:30    Papers:                                                

Dona Lee Davis, Anita Maurstad & Sarah Cowles: Personality, Identity and Play: Anthropomorphism and Affect as Process and Product in Human Horse Relations

Deborah Butler: Becoming a racehorse

Nora Schuurman & Alex Franklin: Performing expertise in human-animal relationships: performative instability and the role of counter-performance

15:30-15:45    Break

15:45-16:45    Papers:                                                

Jopi Nyman: Space, Nation, and Horsescapes in Jane Smiley's Horse Heaven

Sissy Helff: Turning to Affect: Visualizing The Relationship between Humans and Horses in Joe Johnston's Hidalgo (2004), Steven Spielberg's War Horse (2011) and Belá Tarr's The Turin Horse (2011)

16:45-17:00    Closing of the Symposium