Welcome to Computational Chemistry Days 29.-30.8.2019 in Kuopio!

Annual Computational Chemistry Days 2019 (August 29th & 30th)  gathers researchers from all aspects in the field of computational chemistry together and provides contemporary insights from the drug design, quantum mechanics, molecular dynamics and other chemistry related computational methods. This year there will be plenty of opportunities for Postdocs and PhD Students to present their research and opinions.

Scientists at the beginning of their research career are able to meet colleagues in academia and industry,  discuss their research topics and gain valuable feedback. Networking opportunities during the meeting and evening program are making it easy to learn about new colleagues in the field of computational chemistry.

The Computational Chemistry Days are suitable for everyone interested, those who want to gain experience and learn of the hot-topics in the field.

We especially encourage students to participate, as we provide only a nominal registration fee for the students (20€).

On behalf of the organizing committee,

Professor Antti Poso