Kaisa Huhta







Dr. Kaisa Huhta works at the UEF Law School as a senior lecturer in EU law. She is also the project manager for the Strategic Research Council’s CORE project, which studies and develops collaborative action in environmental planning and decision-making. Her research focuses on EU energy law and, in particular, the evolving EU legal setting for electricity. She has published extensively on issues relating to the security of supply in the energy transition, the role of the consumers in the electricity markets and the application of general EU law to the energy markets. Dr. Huhta also actively carries out consultancy work in the field of EU and energy law. In addition to her research and consultancy work, Dr. Huhta frequently speaks at international conferences, seminars and training events. Her lecturing responsibilities at the UEF Law School cover courses in general EU law as well as EU energy law. She also supervises Master’s theses in energy law and EU law.


Selected publications:

Kaisa Huhta, ‘Trust in the invisible hand? The roles of the State and the markets in EU energy law’, 2 Journal of World Energy Law & Business (2020).

Kaisa Huhta, ‘The future of cross-border participation in capacity mechanisms in EU law’, European Energy Market Conference (2019).

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Kaisa Huhta, ‘Smartening up while keeping safe? Advances in smart metering and data protection under EU law’, Journal of Energy & Natural Resources Law (2019).

Kaisa Huhta, ‘Unleashing Consumer Potential in the Energy Transition: A Reflection of the Transforming Role of the EU Consumer’, OGEL Special Issue on the Energy Union (2019).

Kaisa Huhta, Capacity Mechanisms in EU Law: An Analysis of State-driven Safeguards for Generation Adequacy (doctoral thesis, 2019).

Kaisa Huhta, ‘Capacity Mechanisms in EU Law – A Comment on the Free Movement of Goods’, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies (21.05.2018), open access at www.oxfordenergy.org/publications/.

Kaisa Huhta, ‘Too Important to be Entrusted to Neighbours? The Dynamics of Security of Electricity Supply and Mutual Trust in EU law’, 6 European Law Review (2018).

Kaisa Huhta, ‘Toimitusvarmuus energiamurroksessa – valtio turvaamaan sähkötehon riittävyyttä?’ Lakimies (2018).

Jaakko Jääskeläinen, Kaisa Huhta and Jenny Lehtomäki, ‘Ensuring Generation Adequacy in Finland with Smart Energy Policy – How to save Finnish CHP production?’ European Energy Market Conference (2018).

Kaisa Huhta, ‘A new era for capacity mechanisms – Reviewing the Commission’s Clean Energy for All Europeans legislative package’, 1 OGEL (2018).

Antti Belinskij, Niko Soininen and Kaisa Huhta, ’Vesi-, ruoka- ja energiaturvallisuuden oikeudellinen resilienssi’, Ympäristöpolitiikan ja -oikeuden vuosikirja (2017).
(The energy-food-water nexus in Finnish law)

Jaakko Jääskeläinen and Kaisa Huhta, ‘Trouble ahead? An interdisciplinary analysis of generation adequacy in the Finnish electricity market’, 8 International Energy Law Review (2017).

Kaisa Huhta, ’Prioritising Energy Efficiency and Demand Side Measures over Capacity Mechanisms under EU Energy Law’, 35(1) Journal of Energy & Natural Resources Law (2017).


Full list of publications and other academic activities is available at https://www.linkedin.com/in/kaisa-huhta-b7b11848/.