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Contact persons:

Prof. Pasi Karjalainen

Current research interests: Biomecahnical human motion analysis, neurorehabilitation methods and medical robotics.


Saara Rissanen

Paavo Vartiainen

Dao T. A. Nguyen

German Miroshnichenko

Verneri Ruonala

Jere Lavikainen


Active Collaborators:

Lauri Stenroth


Senior Researcher Mika Tarvainen

Current research interests: Medical signal analysis methods and physiological modelling and their applications in assessing human health. Specifically, development of analysis methods for cardiovascular signals (including heart rate variability) and psychophysiological measurements. The main research applications include objective assessment of occupational stress, complications of diabetes, and human behavior and emotional responses. 


Jukka Lipponen

Pekka Kuoppa

Vesa Hyrylä

Saana Kupari