Driving Simulator

The driving simulator is developed in-house. Realistic cabin is constructed on a motion platform and equipped with real pedals, gearshift and steering wheel with force feedback. Simulator software (SCANeR, Oktal) with latest updates is used to create realistic scenarios of various traffic situations.  Virtual environment can be shown on screens or via HTC Vive headset. Surround sound system is used ensure immersive experience.

In the simulator enviroment various biosignals, such as EMG, ECG and galvanic skin response (GSR) can be measured. In addition, driver's eye movements can be tracked.  Furthermore, thermal imaging can be used to detect temperature changes on driver's face.

By combining the measurements and experience of the group in signal analysis driver's physiological state can be monitored.

Data collected in the simulator: Upper row, 2nd image: Eye tracking at the environment (green dot) Upper row, 3rd image: thermal imaging of driver's face, bottom left: car parameters, bottom right: GSR, ECG and EMG signals.