Our research goals in the Institute of Biomedicine are to understand, treat and prevent chronic diseases. Our internationally recognized research range from population-based studies to molecular medicine to uncover basic mechanisms behind Alzheimer, cancer, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Main research areas are carried out by active research groups under the leadership of professors and other senior researchers. We produce over 120 international peer-reviewed scientific papers each year.

We also host core units of cell and tissue imaging and bioinformatics research services from planning to completion data analysis pipeline as well as UEF chromatin center.

Our research work is supported by the Academy of Finland, European Union, the Ministry of Education and Culture, Juselius foundation and other Finnish foundations. Competitive external research funding covers about one-third of our annual budget.

You will find more detailed information about our research activities on the pages of the research areas.

For more information

Head of the Institute Anitta Mahonen, anitta.mahonen (at)
Vice Head of the Institute Jyrki Ågren, jyrki.agren (at)