As a student in Biomedicine

According to our the students and graduates, the strengths of this training program are the clear curricula, the flexibility of studies, high-quality teaching, student-friendly atmosphere and short throughput times of the studies. The training is careeroriented and includes both practical courses and practical training.

To ease the orientation of incoming students, the International Student Services of the University of Eastern Finland organises a three-day Orientation Programme at the begining of every semester. International Student Services also strives to provide a student tutor for each incoming student.

Orientation Programme and student tutors

Student interviews

- We are a close, very motivated, group of students. We are receiving good teaching in well equipped premises. The practical training is done in small groups which motivates everybody to do their best.


- The Biomedicine study program includes a balanced amount of lectures, laboratory practicals and independent studies. It has been easy to acquire new information and combine it to the prior knowledge and obtain new perspectives.


- Instead of pure medicine or natural sciences, I wanted to study something new which would combine these disciplines. I want to learn how to innovate and create new, even revolutionary, discoveries.



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