Histology laboratory

Contact information

Institute of Biomedicine
Snellmania, 3rd floor, room 3245
University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio campus

E-mail: eija.rahunen (at) uef.fi, kari.kotikumpu (at) uef.fi

Phone: 044-716 3023


Histology sample processing for light microscopy (teaching and research purposes)

  • Processing of tissues/cells for paraffin sections with proper orientation of the samples
  • Sample sectioning (thickness routinely 3 µm, thicker sections can be produced if required)
  • Processing for frozen sectioning
  • Preparation of cell smears
  • Preparation of samples for FTIR microscopy
  • Preparation of samples for polarized light microscopy
  • Staining of histological specimens
              * Histological stainings
              * Immunohistochemical stainings
              * Immunofluorescence stainings
              * Special stainings


  • Eija Rahunen, chief laboratory technician
  • Kari Kotikumpu, chief laboratory technician
  • Contacting the core staff prior to starting the material preparation will help to ensure the best results for your project.


  • Tissue processor (Shandon)
  • Tissue embedding system (TissueTek)
  • 2 microtomes (Historange and Micron)
  • Slide stainer (Sakura)