MSc studies

The master level studies focus on Molecular Medicine, i.e. on the principles of disease development, diagnostics, and the treatment at the molecular and cellular level. The teaching is given at an advanced level by research professors from Institute of Biomedicine, A. I. Virtanen Institute for Molecular Sciences, and School of Pharmacy. The M.Sc. research project and thesis is done under the supervision of reserch group leaders. It is also possible to do the research project in bio-pharma companies.



Biomedicine MSc graduates

  • possess a firm knowledge of the molecular mechanisms of human disease
  • understand the molecular processes behind the pathological changes in human tissues and whole body
  • are capable of interpreting and making computer-assisted analyses of  biomedical information
  • are networked to the biomedical community
  • are capable of scientific reporting to both to the research community and the general public