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Alejandro Diaz

My name is Alejandro Díaz, I’m 23 years old and native from Colombia, South America. I’m currently doing my second year of Master’s in Biomedicine at UEF. I initially met the university during my Erasmus + exchange program back in 2017 where I found deep admiration towards the scientific environment and student well-being achieved here in Kuopio.

Kuopio has dazzling nature as the city is covered by a layer of evergreen trees and surrounded by thousand lakes. There are plenty of designated places for making fires, grilling some sausages and do sports.

The University has provided me with an optimal scenario for expanding my knowledge in the field of Biomedicine. Also, allowing me to develop interesting research projects alongside with top scientists disposing lot of resources. Currently, I’m working on my Master Thesis where I’m developing a Docking Scoring Function based on data acquired from Molecular Dynamics Simulations in the field of Molecular Modelling.


Nithin Sadeesh

Hi, I am Nithin Sadeesh. I am originally from Bengaluru, India. I have always wanted to be a scientist and work in the field of Science and Medicine. I am currently pursuing my Masters’ degree in Biomedicine in University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio.

I still remember my first day in UEF, it was during the summer school held by the Public Health Department. UEF made sure that the international students felt welcomed and at ease during our arrival. UEF is well renowned for its international exposure, top-notch research and for their proficient education system. The courses offered in the Department of Biomedicine, complement each other and provides a better understanding of the field. UEF also offers Erasmus programs for international students. I will be going to Karolinska University in February for an exchange program. This program provided me a wonderful platform to gain further knowledge in the field of science.

The university also houses and collaborates with various organizations. The most prominent of them being the A.I. Virtanen Institute for Molecular Sciences and companies like Charles River Laboratories. These organizations also collaborate with master’s students to help them with their thesis. I am currently working and doing my thesis in the Department of Neuroscience, A.I. Virtanen Institute for Molecular Sciences. The university also provides various certification courses, the main one being Felasa. No matter the path it being academia, research or industry the course provides the necessary tools and opportunities to succeed.

Apart from the curriculum, Kuopio is a relatively small city with lots of beautiful lakes and scenic places. I personally loved staying Kuopio as it gave me an opportunity to view the Northern Lights.

I am glad I chose UEF to pursue my degree.



Saru Basnet

I am Saru Basnet. Research related to molecular life sciences has always attracted me and I have great passion towards this field of science. I always wanted to learn more and excel my expertise on this area. This zest lead me to University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio and more precisely to Master’s degree studies in Biomedicine.

I still remember my first day at UEF as a student and I never felt that was my first day here. The environment is very international and friendly. UEF is also renowned for its international exposure, skilled professionals and very informative and proficient education system. UEF offers varieties of courses that reflects the rich diversity of Finnish experience while perfecting the worldwide standards in the field of biomedicine. The courses offered here are very proactive, novel, supplemented by laboratory works and directly complies with the latest trends in worldwide biomedicine sector. Studying here has definitely helped me develop my skills and knowledge base and has played a vital role in integrating me to the Finnish biomedicine sector. I am soon finishing my summer placement in a biotech company and will be continuing my master’s thesis in the same company. A very active job search and valuable placement information from classmates helped me land this summer job and I am very happy to get this opportunity.

Kuopio is a beautiful city and thanks to all my very friendly classmates and friends, my stay here is very interesting. I think, there is so much more to explore and do here in Kuopio besides studies.

It’s glad to be part of UEF and more importantly following my dream career path.


Bharadwaja Velidedla

I could not have made a better decision in choosing the Master’s Programme in Biomedicine at UEF. It gave me a broad knowledge base and the opportunity to explore diverse areas within medicine in order to find my passion.

I was given the opportunity to engage in various research projects as well as the opportunity to do my master’s thesis project at the Karolinska Institutet. The programme was perfect in the sense that it did not limit my choices, I felt equipped to choose any career path I desired. What I learned from my time came at UEF not only came from lectures and books, but also from my fellow students who welcomed me as they would one of their own and my professors who were extremely supportive of my choices and provided me with excellent guidance, thought the duration of my stay in UEF. It is something I’ am extremely grateful for.

The university itself is wonderful on its own, the lake right within the campus, the surrounding nature, and easy mobility to and from the university make it an excellent place to stay and study. The university also houses world class research in molecular sciences with the A.I. Virtanen Institute for Molecular Sciences and companies like Charles River Laboratories.

Beyond coursework, there are multiple opportunities for gaining practical lab experience by working with several research groups and multiple opportunities to go abroad. No matter if you choose to stay in academia or to pursue a career in industry, the Master’s Programme in Biomedicine provides tools and opportunities to succeed.


Angela Blanco

My name is Angela Blanco, I’m 23 years old and native of Spain. I’m currently studying in the two-year Master’s Degree Programme in Biomedicine at the University of Eastern Finland. I found out about the programme from a friend who was studying at UEF and told me about her nice experiences.

In my previous Bachelor’s level studies in Spain, I was awarded an Erasmus+ scholarship to do an internship in a foreign country, and after the nice experiences I had from abroad, I decided to go overseas for my MSc. I started to look for different MSc programmes and universities around Europe. Then, after comparing many options and countries I had in mind, I finally decided to choose the University of Eastern Finland. UEF’s two-year Master’s Degree Programme in Biomedicine offers a full academic curriculum, biomedicine seminars, in-depth practical work with advanced laboratory techniques and professional development. The programme also includes a course for the Felasa license, which is needed and valid basically in all European countries if you are going to work as a biomedicine researcher. Moreover, I was motivated by the natural environment by the lake of the Kuopio Campus, and by the easy access by bike, bus or other transports.

The University of Eastern Finland was my first choice because of the options it offers and because the university is home to the world-class A.I. Virtanen Institute for Molecular Sciences. At the moment, I have funding to develop my Master’s thesis and I’m also having opportunities for socializing with other international students and researchers. I think this experience in the University of Eastern Finland will help me a lot in my future professional career thanks to the MSc studies being carried out in English and the laboratory experience offered by the programme.

I strongly recommend the University of Eastern Finland to everyone, to students, professors and researchers. You will find an excellent learning environment with friendly student-teacher interaction and excellent laboratory facilities.



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