Applying and admission

Students eligible to apply should have at least Bachelor's or equivalent degree in an applicable field (e.g. biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology, bioinformatics, biomedicine) corresponding to at least 3 years' of full‐time academic studies (equivalent of 180 ECTS credit units in the Finnish university system) obtained at an internationally recognized and accredited university or higher education institution (Students with Finnish University of Applied Sciences degree are not electable). Applicants must demonstrate excellent skills of English language. A letter of motivation and recommendations from two referees are also reguired. The referees must be academics (teachers or supervisors) from the university where the applicant has studied, or supervisor from the place of employment. Please sent follofing link of the online reference form to your referee (

Note that biological, environmental, medical, veterinarian or pharmacy studies, as such, do not give adequate knowledge-base to BIOMED MSc studies. For successful study performance a more comprehensive foundation about biochemistry and gene regulation/function is needed.

Application procedure

The application period starts 2.12.2019 and ends 22.1.2020 at 15:00 (GMT+2). The application is filled in and submitted online at web site: by 22nd January 2020, at 15:00 (GMT+2). Incomplete or delayed applications will not be considered. Late applications will not be processed. Submitted application forms and documents will not be returned.

UEF Addmission verifies applicants' language skills according to the programme-specific requirements, and processes applicants' educational certificates. This includes verifying the authenticity of the educational documents as well as credential evaluation.

 For more information about application prosedure, please visit and the helpful pages of UEF Admission. For more information about the programme, please contact

Student Selection

Student selection will be based on the application documents and evaluation how the applicant’s skills and competences gained by the previous academic studies correspond to the Master´s studies applied. Also the success in earlier studies, possible earlier research experience, the Motivation letter and the performance in the interview will be taken into account in the selection process. Note, that a previous MSc degree (or higher), or present study place in University of Eastern Finland, are not necessarily considered to be beneficial. Meeting the minimum application requirements does not guarantee acceptance to the programme.

Conditional admission

The admission is conditional if the degree is not completed by 22nd January 2020. The applicant informs the estimated graduation date in the application form. The final deadline to submit the officially certifiedcopy of the Bachelor´s degree certificate (in original language and as translations, if applicable) to the University of Eastern Finland is 7th August 2020. The proof of the completed degree can be submitted together with the confirmation on accepting the offered study placement. If the copy of the official degree certificate does not reach the University of Eastern Finland by the deadline, admission to the Masters programme will be cancelled. The countryspecific regulations are described in University Admissions Finland webpage.