Experts of biomedicine are an increasingly important link between medicine and natural sciences. In tomorrow's labour market, these experts will have entirely new kinds of roles. There is a need for biomedical experts in research, companies, and the health care sector alike. For instance, personalised patient care calls for understanding of the molecular mechanisms of diseases, as well as mastery of rapidly developing technologies and data masses. Biomedicine is an international field in which it is easier to find employment abroad than for example in the field of medicine, which is more closely nationally regulated. International career prospectives are enhanced by the fact that biomedicine education is offered in English

MSc graduatting from Biomedicine are working as

  • researchers (universities, research institutes and pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device companies)
  • development and quality management officers
  • medical science liaisons (healthcare consulting professionals who are employed by above mentioned companies)
  • teachers (universities, polytechnics)
  • officials (state/municipal government, EU agencies)
  • entrepreneurs


Finnish Bioindustries