Taija Saarela, MSc, Doctoral student

E-mail: taija.saarela@uef.fi

Phone: +358 50 512 9387

Room number: Sn4127

Projects: Biohiili, kiertotalous ja metsätalouden vesistöhaittojen torjunta, REFORM WATER (Water JPI)


After completing my master's thesis (Methane oxidation in a stratified boreal lake) and working as a research assistant in BGC research group, I started as a PhD student in the beginning of 2018. The objective of my doctoral thesis is to investigate how catchment characteristics affect the water quality and greenhouse gas emissions from freshwater ecosystems. I aim to study how the quality and microbial degradability of terrestrially derived dissolved organic matter (DOM) vary among catchments with different land cover (vegetation, soil properties) and land use (i.e. forest management practices), and how these further regulate the production and consumption of carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) in headwater streams and lakes.

Tentative title of the PhD project: Effect of catchment characteristics on the water quality and greenhouse gas emissions from boreal and subarctic freshwater ecosystems

Research interests:

  • Biogeochemical processes between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems
  • GHG fluxes from freshwater ecosystems
  • Potential uses of biochar

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