Jussi Ronkainen, MSc, Doctoral student

Email: jussi.g.ronkainen@uef.fi

Phone: +358 50 337 2672

Room number: Sn4127

Projects: PEATWISE

In the spring of 2018, right after finishing my master’s degree in Environmental Science from the University of Eastern Finland (UEF), I began working on my PhD in the BGC research group. During my master’s thesis (Population structure of ammonia oxidizing microbes and their role in the production of nitrous oxide in arctic peatlands), I worked with quantifying and identifying soil microbes that participate in nitrogen (N) cycling, and especially in nitrification. During my work I was acquainted with extracting and purifying DNA from soil samples, optimizing the PCR protocols for amplifying specific genes from the samples with both conventional and quantitative PCR, as well as sequencing the amplified genes. Mainly I worked with ammonia monooxygenase (amoA) and 16S ribosomal RNA (16S rRNA) genes.

The basis for my PhD involves participating in the PEATWISE project that aims to further study the management of drained peatlands for agricultural use.  There are research partners from 7 different countries in the international PEATWISE project and University of Eastern Finland participates to the project by conducting laboratory incubation and field experiments with different peat soils to study the effects of wood ash or gypsum additions on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in cultivated peatlands. During my PhD studies, I aim to apply my knowledge in molecular biology to studying the effects of wood ash and gypsum additions on the population structure of soil microbes, and how the population structure is connected to the GHG emissions from these cultivated peatlands.


Tentative title of the PhD thesis: Effect of liming products on greenhouse gas emissions from cultivated peat soils and the microbial population structure

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