Hannu Nykänen, PhD, University researcher

Expertize: greenhouse gases, stable isotope techniques, C cycling in lakes, peatlands

E-mail: hannu.nykanen (a) uef.fi

Phone: + 358 40 355 3200

Room number: Snellmania 4046

Projects: OHNO2, Methane and algae trough zooplankton to valuable food


My general research interest is biogeochemistry related to carbon and nitrogen cycling on natural and drained peatlands, lakes and also in laboratory systems. My work has been related to greenhouse gases, CH4, CO2 and N2O.  I have developed and used methods to measure gas fluxes and stable isotopes of C and N from gases and solid samples.  

I started in biogeochemistry research group preceding current BGC in 1990. I have measured GHG fluxes from Finnish peatlands at Orivesi, Ilomantsi and Kevo. I also participated to water reservoir GHG-flux studies at northern Finland as well as to projects related to peat utilization or to gases released from peat with companies. A big share of my work was gas flux measurements at Kevo in EU-funded project “Biospheric controls on trace gas fluxes in northern wetlands”.

I worked as laboratory chemist at National Public Health Institute (Kuopio), related to drinking water purification. In 2004 I completed my PhD “Sensitivity of CH4 and N2O dynamics in boreal peatlands to anthropogenic and global changes” at University of Kuopio. I continued my work at Kuopio as researcher studying greenhouse gas balance of reed canary grass cultivation. I also participated to a study of acidification of a mining impacted lake in environmental risk assessment project. Furthermore, I studied gas stores of lake bottoms as a researcher in Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Kuopio.

I started as post-doctoral researcher at University of Jyväskylä in spring 2008, where I participated in studies of lake food webs and biogeochemistry by using stable isotope analysis and gas flux measurements. I had Academy research fellow position during 2010 – 2015 to study carbon flows in anoxic peat and lake sediments.

I got back to University of Eastern Finland in autumn 2016 as university researcher to work in a project “Nitrous acid (HONO) emissions from northern soils”. In addition, I got a Academy of Finland Key Project Funding (2016-2018) to develop method to get valuable fish food from methanotrophs and algae trough zooplankton.


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