MYRKLIMA – Mitigation of climate change impacts of cultivated peat soils

Principal investigator: Assoc. Prof. Marja Maljanen

Funding period: 2010-2014

The main aims of the proposed study are to determine the role of peatland cultivation in Nordic conditions on climate change and to define measures for sustainable management. These aims will be achieved through joint Nordic research to evaluate the effects of cultivation and restoration of cultivated peat soils on carbon storage and GHG emissions, to develop mitigation options and to study different processes that govern GHG emissions in cold conditions.

Specific objectives will be to:

  • Estimate the effect of different peatland drainage, cultivation and management options on emissions of GHG (CO2, CH4 and N2O).
  • Estimate the effects of alternative peatland restoration and mitigation measures on C sequestration and emissions of GHG.
  • Study biogeochemical processes regulating GHG emissions.
  • Improve modelling and management procedures for peat soils, with better description of Nordic conditions (soil properties and climate).
  • Develop tools for assessment of future peatland management and its impact on GHG emissions, based on soil data collected in surveys and previous studies and in the proposed study.