Pertti Martikainen, PhD, Professor Emeritus

Expertize: Biogeochemistry of nitrogen and carbon in boreal and arctic ecosystems, production and consumption of methane and nitrous oxide

E-mail: pertti.martikainen (a)

Phone: +358 50 357 0545

Projects: DEFROST, NOS-A, Yedoma-N

Since my PhD in General Microbiology, University of Helsinki, I moved in 1987 to Kuopio to set up research in National Public Health Institute on water microbiology. The research focused on biofilms and chemical/technical factors regulating microbial growth in water distribution systems. A key achievement of the team was to show the crucial role of phosphorus in microbial growth in drinking water.

Year 1990 is an important year for the development of biogeochemistry in Finland. Then Academy of Finland launched Finnish Research Programme on Climate Change (SILMU). This programme induced foundation of Biogeochemistry Research Group in 1991 to start studies on carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) dynamics of natural and managed boreal peatlands as a part of the SILMU programme with co-operation of University of Joensuu (presently the second campus of University of Eastern Finland) and University of Helsinki. In Finland this was the beginning  of research on greenhouse gas dynamics of ecosystems including CH4 and N2O in addition to CO2. Key findings were associated to the role of peatland fertility and water table level on N2O, CH4 and CO2 dynamics.

I was nominated in 1998 as a professor in Biogeochemistry and Environmental Microbiology at University of Kuopio (now the second campus of University of Eastern Finland). The Biogeochemistry Research Group was further developed in infrastructure and getting experts in stable isotopes of C and N, eddy covariance, biogeochemical modelling and environmental molecular biology. The studies since 1991 have covered CO2, CH4 and N2O dynamics of boreal peatlands and lakes, CH4 and N2O dynamics of boreal forests, and atmospheric impact of biomass production for energy. My latest interest is in arctic greenhouse gas dynamics with special focus in N2O. We  showed in 2009 that also N2O has to be included in the greenhouse gas budgets of the Arctic.

I have acted as supervisor for 32 PhD students in the research projects funded by Finnish, Nordic and European funding sources.

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